In some instances we come across areas that require significant additional time and attention, and it is necessary for us to charge extra to take care of these areas. We will do our best to notify you before we begin if we notice a surcharge item. Sometimes, we do not notice something until after we’ve begun working, when this happens we’ll let you know asap. Payment of most surcharges is optional and if you decide you don’t want us to spend additional time on an area we will let it be. There are a few exceptions like: pet hair, tree sap, biological accidents because we will not be able to perform our service without handling these things. We don’t like to surprise anyone with additional costs so we do our best to avoid any unnecessary charge. Our standard labor rate is $70 per hour to cover our operating expenses (to give you an idea of potential costs.)

Animal Hair Removal – $30 flat rate for significant amounts
Animal Hair, what a mess it can be, it gets caught in every fiber of your carpet and upholstery making removal of it very time consuming. Luckily, we have the best tools available and an incredible amount of patience to handle this.

A flat rate of $30 will be assessed to remove as much animal hair as possible within reason because it sticks to materials and inevitably adds significant time and makes the entire job more difficult.

We’ll quote you for complete removal if you desire which at times can require picking them out by hand one at a time! You may decide to save your money at this point and use a rubber glove to pull out the rest of the hair.

Extra Floor Mats – $5 each.
We’ll add $5 to shampoo or wash each extra floor mat beyond the first layer which is included.

Tree Sap, Bug Splatter, Stains or Tar on Paint – $25 Minimum for Significant Tree Sap, Others Optional Typically $5-15 per area
$25 minimum will be charged if a significant amount of Tree Sap is found on the vehicle since it must be removed before we wax the vehicle because otherwise it can scratch the paint due to the hardness of the sap. We may quote more depending on the amount and severity of the sap.
All other paint defects carry an optional surcharge which we’ll quote upon inspection.

Interior Stains, and Sticky Messes – (Optional, unless it is unavoidable Typically $5-15 per area)
Have you ever noticed how kids, pets and spouses can make incredible messes in your vehicle? We sure have! If you have things like food, gum, candies, make-up, crayons, wax, etc. that are really stuck on a surface in your vehicle, we may need to charge extra if you wish for these to be removed. The same goes for stains on carpet, floor mats, and upholstery which require many passes with our steam cleaner or carpet shampoo to be removed.

Spot Cleaning of Stains, Scuff Marks, or Scratch Removal (Typically $5-15 per area)
If your vehicle only needs a Check Up, but you have a few scratches on a panel or stains on a seat, we can take care of this for you. We’ll provide a quote upon inspection of the area.

Biological Spills and Odors (Typically only $25-50 additional)
The presence of foul odors or biological spills within the vehicle such as milk, gas, animal waste, etc may require an additional charge. These are tricky situations that vary widely case by case so we will quote you once we see what we are dealing with. We typically need to use carpet shampoo, a steam cleaner, and odor removers to treat the area correctly.