How far in advance must I schedule my appointment?”
We usually are able to schedule your appointment within 1-3 days from when you contact us and sometimes offer same day appointments.

What if it is raining, or extremely hot or cold out during my appointment?”
We will call you prior to your appointment to confirm our visit. If it is raining, we will try to proceed with the work using a portable canopy, or work in your garage or parking deck if it is large enough and has sufficient lighting to work in. If we decide that it will not be possible to perform our work successfully we will have to reschedule.

What if I am not available before or after my appointment?”
If you will not be available after the service please prepay by credit card or leave a check or cash in the vehicle. Please remember if you are not there to review our work you lose the opportunity for any touch ups.

If you are not available before the service you can leave your vehicle unlocked (as long as the vehicle will not lock itself) and we will take care of it. We always prefer to have access to a key in case we need to adjust the vehicle, so let us know where around your property or in your vehicle you can leave a key for us, or leave it with a friend or office front desk.

How long does the service take?”
The time of the service varies based on the vehicle size, condition, and detailing package. Here are some rough estimates:

Major Surgery: Approximately 4-6 Hours

Exterior Operation: Approximately 1.5-3 Hours

Interior Operation: Approximately 1.5-3 Hours

Check-Up: Approximately 1.5-3 Hours

Mini Check-Up: Approximately 1-2 Hours

If we are set up at your office building we tend to work on several vehicles at a time, and thus may require your vehicle for a longer period of time. However, we will work within the hours that you arrive and leave the building to make sure it is complete by the time you need it back.

Which payment methods do you accept?”
We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards, in that order of preference. Gift Cards and Detail Dollars may also be used to pay for some or all of your service.

How much should I tip?
We do not expect gratuity, but greatly appreciate anything your generosity inspires you to give. We are often tipped 10-30% of the total in cash or added on to your check or credit card payment.

How long will it take for my interior to dry?”
On warmer days your interior will usually be dry in a matter of hours. On colder days it may require up to a day or two to completely dry. We are happy to provide plastic seat covers or paper floor mats by request so that you may drive your vehicle right after the service even if it’s not 100% dry. We do our best to not get the carpet or upholstery excessively wet so that it dries quickly.

“What if I don’t have a space for you to work at my location?”
We are able to perform our service in any parking lot within our service area with a few open parking spaces. Clients often have us meet them at a shopping mall, library, university, etc, where we can detail your car while you get on with your life. We’ve always found a suitable place to work, even if we have to drive a few blocks from your apartment building. We are flexible and can give you a lift back if it’s a short distance away.

“Will This Stain Come Out?”
Successful stain removal depends on a few factors: the type of chemical that caused the stain, how long it has been there, and the type of material it is on. If the stain is removable, we have the tools and products to remove it, and we can only find out if it will come out by working on it. Stains from liquids containing dyes, especially red colors, food coloring or waxes generally will not come out.

“Will This Scratch Come Out?”
Most scratches will either be removed or greatly minimized after high speed polishing. As a general rule of thumb, if you can fit your fingernail into the groove of the scratch, it is too deep to be removed. The best solution in this case is to contact a body shop for a quote to repaint the area. Some light scratches and swirl marks will exist on virtually any vehicle as even wiping a clean microfiber cloth on a paint surface can create miniscule scratches. We can not guarantee the removal of any stain, scratch, scuff, paint blemish etc., and usually can only find out if it can be removed by attempting to do so.

Which services do you not offer?”
Currently we do not offer the following services:
Body Work, Dent Removal, Paintless Dent Repair, Leather/Vinyl/Upholstery Repair, Ozone Treatment, Soft Top Repair, Undercarriage Cleaning and Protecting, Wheel Repair, Window Tinting, Windshield Repair, Windshield Replacements, Windshield Wiper Replacement.