Add On Services

Any of these popular services can be added to your detailing package by selecting them on our Book Appointment (link) form.

Synthetic Paint Sealant – XS – $10, S – $20, M – $30, L – $40, XL – $50, XXL – $60
Paint sealants are synthetic alternatives to wax which will protect your paints rich, vivid color for an additional 6-12 months beyond what wax provides and illuminate a deep wet-looking gloss. Sealants work by creating a synthetic barrier over the paint surface, prolonging the amount of time your paint is impervious to the ravishing effects of hazardous elements such as acid rain, road salts, environmental pollution, industrial fallout, and UV radiation.

Window Claying & Polishing – XS – $10, S – $20, M – $30, L – $40, XL – $50, XXL – $60
Improve your visibility (especially when raining) and enjoy the clearest and smoothest glass possible! First, we cleanse all of the exterior glass with a clay bar to get it as clean and smooth as possible. Next, we use a high speed buffer to polish away any dullness and scratches possible. Your windows will look like new after this treatment!

Engine Detail – $55
A clean engine makes a big impression on any potential buyer of your vehicle and will also help your mechanic identify any leaks or problems much more easily, it’s definitely an important aspect of maintaining your vehicle. First we thoroughly clean all of the accessible areas of your engine, the engine jambs, and underneath the hood. Afterwards, we dress all of the plastics and rubber hoses to preserve, protect and beautify them, this will help extend the lifespan of rubber components.

Fabric Protectant – XS – $10, S – $20, M – $30, L – $40, XL – $50, XXL – $60
Protect your vehicle’s carpeting, floor mats and upholstery by adding a synthetic barrier which will repel liquids making it difficult for a stain to set, and easier to clean spills. This protection helps your carpet and upholstery stay fresh and clean longer, and will not change the look or feel of the material. Fabric Protection should last around one year so for best results this should be done consistently. We highly recommend this service for Mini-vans and SUVs that see a lot of foot traffic, don’t let your like-new looking carpet and upholstery go unprotected!

Headliner Cleaning – XS – $10, S – $20, M – $30, L – $40, XL – $50, XXL – $60
Is the fabric upholstered ceiling in your vehicle stained or dirty? Add this service to your detailing package and we’ll shampoo the headliner to restore this often overlooked area to like new condition.

Shampoo Trunk Carpeting – XS – $5, S – $10, M – $15, L – $20, XL – $25, XXL – $30
Treat your vehicles trunk carpeting to a thorough cleaning and have us remove as many stains as possible. We consider “Trunks” to be fully enclosed compartments in the back of your vehicle, so SUV’s, Minivans and Wagons wouldn’t have trunks by our definition.

Clay Bar Treatment – XS – $20, S – $30, M – $40, L – $50, XL – $60, XXL – $70
The Clay Bar is single handedly the most effective tool for restoring your vehicle’s paint finish to smooth as glass. It works by pulling out contaminants that are embedded in the paint and are not removable by washing or polishing. You can add this treatment to the Mini Check Up or Check Up packages, (it is included in the Major Surgery and Exterior Operation). (Please note however that while the Clay Bar will clean and smooth out the paint there is no guarantee that this service will remove all of the paint stains, blemishes, tree sap, road tar, etc. Due to the stubborn nature of the aforementioned contaminants they are outside the scope of the Clay Bar treatment and you may need an Exterior Operation or Major Surgery.

Headlight Lens Polishing – $30-60 For Any Vehicle For Both Front Headlights
Clean and clear headlight lenses will greatly improve your visibility while driving as your lights will shine brightly through the clear lenses and not be obstructed. We can restore dull, faded and foggy headlights using our high speed polisher (as long as the oxidation and/or stains are not too severe to be removable, the only way for us to determine this is to perform the process and find out.) We can polish a small area of your headlight lenses to see how well they will clean up before you commit to the service, just ask us.

Interior Deodorizing – XS – $10, S – $20, M – $30, L – $40, XL – $50, XXL – $60
Most odors will be removed during the shampooing process. However, if the smell is especially strong, such as from smoking, pets, kids, biological messes, gasoline, etc, it may require fogging. Fogging the vehicle will ensure that every cubic inch inside the car is deodorized, and is virtually guaranteed to remove any smell. The car should be allowed to air out thoroughly after the Fogger has been released, as it is a strong product.

Convertible Top Protectant – $30
Keep your convertible top looking new and protected from weather with our premium fabric protectant which will create a barrier on the fabric allowing water to easily bead off which will help to avoid water stains. Droppings from birds or trees will be easier to clean, though they should be removed with a cloth and soapy water Asap. Additionally, the protectant will shield against UV radiation and keep the sun from fading the material. This protection is expected to last for six months depending on the amount of rain and sun the top is exposed to.

Sticker or Adhesive Removal from Windows and Paint – $5-10
Do you have old stickers that are detracting from your cars appearance? We’ll safely remove stickers/adhesives using solvents and plastic or metal razor blades.

$5 Each sticker or area on glass.
$10 Each sticker or area on paint. (Paint is more delicate to work on than glass.)

Rain-X Treatment – XS – $5, S – $10, M – $15, L – $20, XL – $25, XXL – $30
Rain-X is a tried and true product specially formulated to improve glass visibility in the rain. It works by creating a protective barrier which will repel water, similar to how wax repels water from paint. This protection typically lasts 1-3 months.

Dress Interior Door Rubber Moldings – XS – $5, S – $10, M – $15, L – $20, XL – $25, XXL – $30
Preserve and protect the rubber molding on the inside of your doors! We will condition all of the moldings keeping them soft and pliable to preserve their lifespan as well as to shine them and make them stand out. This protection typically lasts 3-6 months.

Clay, Polish & Wax Door Jambs XS – $10, S – $16, M – $22, L – $28, XL – $34, XXL – $40
Keep the paint on your door and trunk jambs looking as good as your exterior paint job. This thorough package includes clay bar treatment for all your jambs, as well as an application of polish and wax. Perfect for private sellers seeking maximum returns on their vehicle trade-in or private sale value. The wax applied typically lasts 3-6 months.

Exterior Trim Shine – XS – $15, S – $20, M – $25, L – $30, XL – $35, XXL – $40
The shine on your vehicle’s trim fades fast, but it doesn’t have to! Keep that brand new car look, by having us restore your vehicles black plastic or rubber trims’ luxurious appeal and turn heads all the while with the “Exterior Trim Shine” service. Perfect for SUVs with lots of trim or running boards such as the Honda Element, Land Rover LR2/3, and Chevy Suburban. The conditioner we apply will help protect and preserve the material for 1-2 months, depending on how much rain and sun the vehicle is exposed to.

Wheel Polishing Package – Includes Clay-Polish-Wax – Starts at $25 per wheel.
We always do our best to remove all brake dust, and stains from your wheel. However, some wheels just won’t come clean by washing them. This is usually due to brake dust sitting on the wheels for extended periods of time. Most high end cars gather so much brake dust so quickly, the only way to prevent this is by a weekly washing. Hand Claying, Polishing, and Waxing the wheel offers the best chance for removing anything that did not come off during the wash. We use products that are safe for all types of wheels.

Starts at $25 per wheel. Our technicians will quote you after attempting to polish an area of the wheel and determining the amount of time that will be necessary to complete the service.

Wet Sanding for Deep Scratch Removal – Starts at $25 per area.
Wet sanding is a process designed to remove deep scratches or paint blemishes that are too deep or en grained into the paint surface to respond to high speed polishing. This is a delicate process requiring expert care and is the only way to remove very deep scratches. If a scratch can not be removed with wet sanding it will need to be repainted.

We will quote you based on the severity and amount of areas which require wet sanding.

Vinyl Lettering or Window Tint Removal
We offer removal of vinyl stickers, decals, signs and adhesive residue. Perfect for commercial vehicles in need of a fresh vinyl installation.

Please contact us directly for a quote, often it’s best for us to see a picture in order to quote you accurately.

Overspray Removal
Overspray can come in many forms, most often it occurs when somebody has been painting outdoors and the wind carries tiny specks of paint onto the surface of your vehicle’s paint! This can be a big headache, luckily we can help. Please contact us for a quote.

Cement Removal
If your vehicle has fallen victim to cement stains by driving through construction zones or from cement drops falling from the ceiling of a parking garage, we can help. Please contact us for a quote.